Jonny Niesche

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Jonny Niesche works across an expanded field of painting, sculpture and abstraction, where his vividly coloured work wraps the viewer in total sensory stimulation. The seductive, iridescent surfaces of his paintings hum and shimmer with pigment, colour that seems to float slightly above the voile surface. The effect is intensified by the indistinct edges between bands of colour that surround the dark middle ground. As one tone blurs and dissolves into the next, a silky insubstantiality of pure colour and sensation emerges. Niesche has long worked with the intrinsic relationship between colour, form and light to produce formal and optically charged works that challenge our perception of space. His painting offers a transformative formal beauty that is enchantingly deceptive. The glowing neon tones and soft pastels that flow from a mysterious dark centre are finished with reflective gold rims, mirroring the viewer back to his or her self in a surprising encounter with the artwork.

Niesche lives and works in Sydney; his work has been exhibited extensively at galleries throughout Australia and further afield, including: 1301PE, Los Angeles (2021); The Hole, New York (2021); Galerie Ron Mandos, Amsterdam (2021); Starkwhite, Auckland (2020); Station Gallery, Melbourne (2020), Zeller van Almsick, Vienna (2020); Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney (2019); LUNDGREN Gallery, Palme De Mallorca, Spain (2019) and Peter Von Kant, London (2017). His work has also been included in notable exhibition in a number of Australian institutions, including: Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney (2019);  Casula Powerhouse, Sydney (2019); Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide (2019); ArtSpace, Sydney (2017); National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne (2016) and Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne (2016).