Tim Bučković

16 Mar – 27 Apr 2024

An exhibition of new paintings by the Melbourne-based artist Tim Bučković, his debut exhibition with 1301SW.

Artefacts, once a present, now a past. Removed from a time, a context, a position, sitting in a now, a state of tumultuous contemporaneity, ripe with its images and sanitation (stagnation). The artefact (object) bringing with it the history of images, bountiful baggage of symbolism and simulacra, unfolding onto the abstracted topographies of the now.

Topography, wandered over by the historic peasantry, where modernist monuments grow, pulling like an altar with its unseen magnetism, now left behind to endure the melancholic evenings — south of the Baltic, left in from the Caucasus. Failed dreams for/from the future.

The positive magnetism of the flows, movements and patterns that were pulled from somewhere, plucked with purpose — perceived and revered — to be wholly absorbed and articulated — renamed, reimagined. Played out into a new topography of wanderers and obsessives — leaf dwellers.

Across from this, situated in another field, the stagnation fuelled by endless sanitation, a plethora of parishioners devoid of magnetism (and spirit), only finding gospel, no artefacts, just revered false idols. Not a martyr in sight, but the stones at their feet demand they stay. Dusk.

An epilogue for monsters whose agency is unclear (cryptic and speculative), yet their existence is palpable and confirmed. Now left to its own devices, afflicting some nameless, distant person in the course of an ordinary afternoon.