Billy Apple, Mikala Dwyer, Lewis Fidock & Joshua Petherick, Isa Genzken, Simryn Gill, Robert MacPherson, Jessica Stockholder, Rirkrit Tiravanija and Lawrence Weiner

Threshold of things

27 May – 08 Jul 2023

An exhibition presenting works alluding to everyday images, motifs, materials and language, composed with a particular poetic refinement. A combination allowing for a distortion of the threshold of things, through a breaking down of elements then an animated evolution.

This play with the threshold of things allows for elements to remain unrefined, while others are poised, leading to outcomes of ill-defined form and agency, while other elements are bold and definitive. All this allows for a grounding effect and removes conversations concerning high and low, instead offering an evolution and repositioning of the threshold of art.

Thinking of time, places and things: late 1960s Turin, hand painted signs on the roadside, Paula Cooper’s New York, newspaper wrapped around uranium glassware, the words of Borges, the contents of an attic belonging to three generations of a family, the restoration of an old French car and stones placed in a circle in a wood by an unknown individual.