Michael Zavros

Artist CV ↓

Michael Zavros’ practice of precision has explored contemporary mythologies and navigated the undercurrents of desire shaping much of our existence for over 25 years. His drive to articulate these larger themes, whilst focusing on ideas of aspiration, beauty, decadence, consumerism and narcissism are predominantly played out in photo-realist paintings, but further explored in his drawing, photography, printmaking and sculpture.

Zavros’ images are both highly aestheticized and deeply contemplative reflections of his own life — both real and imagined — and society more broadly. His depictions of stylish fashion, spectacular interiors, whimsical landscapes, pedigree animals and playful still life are seductive, but many scenes and settings are composed of surreal juxtapositions and compositions — a duality is always at play. This layering prompts viewers to reflect on their own interests, existence and assumptions, stirring emotions and building tensions.

Zavros lives and works in Brisbane; his work has been exhibited in major museums throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe, such as Art Los Angeles Contemporary (2016); Art Basel Hong Kong (2015); Starkwhite, Auckland (2014); Queensland Art Gallery of Modern Art (2013); Rockhampton Art Gallery, Brisbane (2013); Philip Bacon Galleries (2013); Tweed River Art Gallery, NSW (2012); Sophie Gannon Gallery, Melbourne (2011). Zavros has also been awarded numerous prizes for his practice, including the Mosman Art Prize (2016), the Bulgari Art Award (2012) and in 2010 he was awarded the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize, the world’s richest prize for portraiture. His work is held in numerous private and public collections, including The National Gallery of Australia, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Art Gallery of South Australia, Queensland Art Gallery, University of Queensland Art Museum, Artbank, National Portrait Gallery, Griffith University Art Collection, Newcastle Region Art Gallery and Tasmanian Museum and Gallery.